Timeless Elegance


Every gentleman deserves a suit. A suit that not only speaks of class, elegance and style, but a suit that is unique in the sense that it simply fits that one individual perfectly. A suit that tells more about the man, than the man himself. That same gentleman deserves the perfect pair of shoes – genuine leather, hand-crafted. The Roi Kaskara range of exclusively designed and manufactured men’s clothing and shoes is just that, and so much more.

Born from this very need to offer the modern, sophisticated gentleman an elite fitted suit, Roi Kaskara has strived toward the ultimate level of refinement and to reach the pinnacle of sartorial excellence in their range of men’s attire. From the off-the-shelf European-style suits to the 100% handmade bespoke garments, clients are promised to find a rare quality in clothing and design that finally echoes that of the master tailors of the yesteryear – an art Roi Kaskara would like to revive to its former glory while offering clients attire that is once more truly “One of One” pieces.

The hands and masterminds behind this proudly South African born brand have put in years of hard work and research to ensure that a final product is created which speaks of quality that not only satisfies the owners themselves, but impresses even the toughest of critics, globally.

The Roi Kaskara brand of men’s attire offers cutting edge designs that are aimed not to follow any international brands but to rather produce a unique style, ensuring that every suit, shoe or shirt is distinct. Made from only the best fabrics curated every season from countries that are considered the fashion meccas of the world, including the likes of Italy, France and Turkey, every detail of every specially designed garment, is handled in-house in order to deliver a product that will gladly match the finishes of some of the best brands in the business.

Visits to the Roi Kaskara showroom are available through bookings only, which attributes even further to a one-of-a-kind clothing experience. Clients can browse through a catalogue of elegant fashion items, ranging from tailored suits, genuine leather shoes, shirts and timepieces, while a personal tailor is accurate and precise in taking the measurements required to make the desired, perfectly fitting items.

Since the brand caters for an elite sector of the market, every measurement, cut and stitch is made to perfection and flawlessly crafted – a sure work of art.

Every garment from the Roi Kaskara suits range is a true masterpiece – a vintage classic with a modern touch, making it simply timeless. From the challenging tonal designs of the Chiaroscuro range and the cutting edge, piercing nature of the Katana suits, to the Hunter selection where huntsman and gentleman’s style meet.

Add the final touch to a perfectly designed and tailor-made suit with a pair of elegant, handmade, genuine leather shoes from the six exclusive Roi Kaskara shoe collections: Baker Street, HMS, Racing (which comprises the very contemporary DB and Silverton Collections), Savile Row, Tartan, and Venetian Collection.

Now there is something for the gentleman who enjoys the satisfaction only a tailored suit can provide. The gentleman who believes in stepping out in style with a pair of handmade leather shoes on his feet. That something is Roi Kaskara.